Payment and Shipping

Payment Info

Growing such a great variety of the best tasting garlic is an intensive labor of love. This is why its cost is rather high. I only charge the base USPS price for Priority shipping, which has been going up year over year.

For the 2017 season, I will not be installing a Paypal button because the quantity I have available doesn't warrant it. I will accept emailed orders and mailed check payments only. Email me the quantity you are interested in and I will email you back the total price, including shipping. When the check arrives, I will ship out. I will ship ahead of the check arriving if you are one of my trusted customers from a prior season. Thank you for your support!

All online orders are processed via this website. For payment, I utilize the merchant services of PayPal. With PayPal, Hudson Clove will never see any of your financial information
When you proceed to checkout, you will be redirected to a Paypal page. Once there, you can use your credit card, debit card, or Paypal account to pay for your order. You do not need a Paypal account to make this transaction. The merchant will be listed as Paypal, but your payment will go to frank@Hudson Clove.

Once your order is processed, you will receive an email from Paypal that will list the merchant (Hudson Clove), a transaction ID, your shipping address*, your order, amount paid, and how the charge will appear on your credit card statement. When your order ships, you will receive another email. Hudson Clove will be the merchant on any credit card statements. *If your shipping address is different from the one on your Paypal receipt, please email me immediately at with your functional shipping address and order number.

Shipping Info

Please note: The time it takes to label, bundle, package and deliver your garlic to the post office is significant. Therefore, I must charge a small handling fee for each shipment. In order to keep the handling fee as low as possible, I will ship only on set dates. Thank you for your understanding and support!

All shipping charges will be calculated at checkout. Our packages will go USPS Priority Mail, as it is the best rate and fastest arrival for small quantities. Your garlic should have no trouble making its journey. However, if your package is badly damaged in shipping, please let me know. All Priority Mail is insured at up to $50.

Important: Priority Mail is a reasonably priced service when packages weigh under 3 pounds shipping to nearby states. However, for package weights over 3 pounds that ship beyond my region, costs rise dramatically. For this reason I charge $100 dollars for package weights over 4 pounds leaving for Western, Southern, New England, and Mid-Atlantic states. This is my way of alerting you, the customer, that I believe it is unreasonable to pay such high prices for fairly low weight packages and I don't think you should. If you order less or cancel your order, I will completely understand. If you absolutely must have a large order, send an email to and we'll work something out. For those nearby, the shipping charges over 3 pounds are reasonable, but I charge $100 on orders over 10 pounds. If you intend to place a very large order, you should also email me at

In order to keep costs down I am shipping at a predetermined interval of once every ten days. Shipping generally takes place on Monday or Tuesday so that your garlic isn't sitting in a warehouse over the weekend. The closer you are to Minnesota, the sooner your garlic will arrive. It usually makes its journey in 2 days. If you cannot use your proper shipping address with your Paypal account, please email me ( as soon as you place your order with the proper shipping address, and your order number. If your garlic does not arrive within 3 days from the "just shipped" email, please send me an email so I can look into what's holding up your order.

Hudson Clove cannot ship garlic to the states of Nevada, Washington, and Idaho due to agricultural quarantines in those states designed to protect their producing regions from import of pests and diseases. Please do not order if you live in these states -it may be illegal for us to ship to you. There should be local sources of great garlic for you.

Hudson Clove cannot ship outside the contiguous United States or Internationally because shipping prices are prohibitive, customs, shipping times, heat, humidity, or cold will be detrimental to our perishable product. Thank you for your understanding.