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It's officially spring, the garlic is up and most handled our colder, snowier winter without a hitch. This year's garlic will begin to be ready around June 15. As always, stay up to date by "liking" Hudson Clove on Facebook

Late March in the field.

Allium ampeloprasum, or Elephant Garlic, flowers.

Garlic scapes are tasty in numerous dishes including stir fry, dips, scape pesto, grilled, soups and with eggs. They are best fresh, but can easily be kept in the fridge for a week or more, while scape pesto can be frozen. This delicacy only comes around once a year, so get your scape on!

Elephant Garlic scapes are great to eat or in floral arrangements.

The field, mid spring.

Crocus sativus, saffron, blooming last November!

"Sativum ? Sativum," part of artist Heather Hart's project BarterTown (Trading Post X): Tomorrow-morrow land at the Dumbo Arts Festival was a great success. I was pleased to see so many New Yorkers eat raw garlic! Hands down, they're convinced that locally grown garlic is way better tasting than our average California-grown garlic.

The bundle.

Variety Rocambole, "Italian Purple" this May on the farm.